I am an adventurer.

I enjoy car rides and have no fear of flying. I’ve traveled by myself and with others. My first ever flight by myself did have quite the hiccup.

I was heading to Colorado to visit my boyfriend from Wisconsin. I flew from the Green Bay Airport and was set to fly to Chicago O’Hare for my connection to Denver. Unfortunately, the plane was delayed due to maintenance. I thought, “No problem!” because I had a three hour layover. Well, when the plane arrived about an hour later than scheduled, a man refused to get off his cell phone for takeoff. This lead to another hour delay as the stewards tried to reason with him but ultimately threw him off the plane (major yikes). When we landed, I watched as my connecting flight took off while still on the Green Bay plane. It was about 8 o’clock at night at this point. No other flights to Denver were scheduled. I then had to work with customer service to secure a spot on the earliest flight to Denver (6:30 a.m.). They gave me a meal ticket and a hotel ticket, but I opted to spend the night in the airport itself to avoid any further issues. My parents and boyfriend weren’t thrilled that I stayed at the airport, but I wasn’t about to leave for a hotel twenty minutes away and have to repeat the security process. I was safe in the airport and had my knitting and some movies I downloaded to keep my occupied. The flight in the morning involved no further hiccups, and my boyfriend and I were quickly reunited.

Since then, I’ve made quite a few trips going back and forth from Colorado to Wisconsin and vice versa. I then decided during the pandemic to find a new job in Colorado and move there. Now I live near Denver and enjoy the backdrop of mountains.

A little stop while driving to Colorado.

I’ve traveled to other places for conventions and family trips. The plan in the future (when the pandemic seems to calm itself) is to wander the country and hopefully abroad too. We will see what the future holds.

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