I am currently a student seeking a degree in English at St. Norbert College as well as a minor in media studies. I am the English TA at school and assist my professors with proofreading their manuscripts as well as any other task they throw my way. I am proficient in Microsoft Word and frequently use Office programs for classes and other projects.

On my website portfolio, I have tabs that document the development of my essays through Word. I also use Word for my college’s creative journal, named Graphos, to compile one document of the many submissions we receive. I also know how to use Google products like Google Docs, Slides, and Blogger through my class experiences.

English is one of my strongest passions, leading me to pursue a career in this field. I am a member of the well-esteemed honor society of Sigma Tau Delta and was awarded an honorable mention for my creative prose at the 2017 convention. I am able to adapt to any schedule and am well suited to work independently or collaboratively with people and can set and meet deadlines easily.