Part of the interviewing process requires you to reflect on faults.  A question I have heard both in real and mock interviews is “What is your biggest weakness?”  

This question both installs a momentary lapse in brain power and a slight panic in what is an appropriate answer.

Thoughtful pose

Do I reply in a funny way and say, “My chocolate addiction,” or do I admit a true fault?

Well, I like to lead in with the chocolate because it eases the tension.  A joke’s a good icebreaker in any situation–mostly.  Then I admit my biggest weakness is I can’t say no.

I can say no to actual bad things, like drugs and other illegal activities.  That’s not a problem since my moral compass is so high.  What I take issue in rejecting is work and leadership roles.

As mentioned, in my junior year of college, I worked four different jobs on campus: I worked as an academic support notetaker, I still work at the tech bar, cafeteria, and as the English TA. I condensed it down to three now, but we will see if it stays that way.  My senior year, I currently lead four different organizations: Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Graphos, and Knitting Knights ontop of being the secretary of my social group, the Electric Company.

People were only supposed to carry 1.  I was an overachiever and carried two.  If I had another set of arms, I totally would have carried all of my groups’ signs.

I hate turning down anything because I don’t want to miss out an any opportunities.  Plus, I don’t want to let anyone down, especially myself, so I agree and make the best of it.  My roommates and my parents constantly tell me that I need to learn to say no; otherwise, they believe I will burn myself out.  

Though it may be a weakness, I have also turned it into a strength.

Sure, I may run the risk of burning myself out, but I have learned the invaluable lesson of time management.  I know the importance of setting time aside to rest and recharge as well as socialize and soak in family.  I am someone who needs to stay busy.  This just helps me stay busy in a productive manner.

I carry a paper agenda, a little notebook, and I keep my Google calendar updated so I never forget important dates or meetings.  Not only am I a pro-time manager, but I am organized and always on top of assignments and group events.  I’ve learned to survive in a busy world.

Would it be better for me to say no to things?  Maybe.  But I also know my limits and how much I can take on, which is a lot.  I am more durable than my small stature might suggest.  Given the chance, I will not let people down.  If anything, I just might wow them.

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