The beautiful background behind me is the view at the Culver’s headquarters in Sauk City/Prairie Du Sac. Absolutely breathtaking.

As previously mentioned, I love to stay busy. Because of this, I know how to effectively time manage. I was a full-time college student in charge of four organizations on top of three different jobs. I remained on the Dean’s list and thrived in both my social clubs and my academics. Nothing really wavers me.

I know how to carry myself in both stressful situations and normal day to day life. I believe strongly in leading by example and always put my best foot forward because I want to be the best person I can be and show others like my little sister how to exist in this sometimes precarious world. I am confident and do not allow others to wilt my personality, but I am also humble. I know I have to earn respect and prove myself. Besides, there is always room for improvement and I love to learn.

With that, I do not grow stressed. I have realized through my life experiences that becoming all worked up over things does not help. Yes, I am a human being and may grumble at some moments, but I know in the long run not to let it consume and eat at me. To become worried over an event just makes it ten times worse. The key is to figure out how to improve the situation to overcome it faster.

Me with Craig Culver at the 2018 Culver’s Scholarship Reception

For example, I cannot tell you how many times I have had aggravated customers come up to me and complain about small things like a dinner not coming with a drink (which is corporate policy) or something not coming out just the way they like (when that is not how we make it in the first place). I politely deal with them in the moment and take in their shouts and complaints, sometimes really hurtful comments, and I let it brush over me. I take in the information and process the best way to handle the situation. After that, I let it go. I might mention later to my family when they ask how my day went something vague about grumpy customers, but I will not return to it after that or bring that stress home. That would just ruin my family time.

With that, I believe I am an expert at customer service. I worked at Culver’s for over seven years and then moved on to a call center or “customer relations” environment where I know how to make a customer happier. I enjoyed creating an enriched environment for my guests at Culver’s where they were greeted, satisfied with the quality of their food, and then good-byed. On the phone, I am polite and courteous to everyone that I come in contact with no matter their tone. I can chat with just about anyone and know how to be proper, polite, and sincere even when the consumer may not be a biggest fan of what I have to share with them. They will not waver my professionalism.

I also know a variety of other skills. I can communicate verbally or through writing, multitask, and use technology. I am familiar with WordPress, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint, Outlook, as well as Google Suite, and I am well adept at problem-solving. I know how to stay focused and require very little supervision. Working by myself or with a group of people is not a problem.

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