I am a movie lover

Typical movie-going outfit: scarf and a leather jacket. Can’t go wrong with that.

If I am not reading, writing, or off to accomplish something, I watch movies and knit.

Movies are just another form of telling stories, and I am fascinated in how they go about showing them.  The choice of colors, soundtrack, actors, and how they move in between scenes and dialogue requires a lot thought and precise decision making.

Since I was a small child, movies were a big part of my time.  My family loves to rent new movies and bond together on a Friday night.  Other times, we venture to the movie theater and watch the new shows in the IMAX lounges.  During the summer, I go out with my sisters on the five dollar Tuesdays or Student Thursdays.  Movies are magic.  Not all are great, but they are a great to unwind and think in a different way.  I have a wide variety of movies like this, because they are my guilty pleasure.  Here are the Movies I Have.

People may find movies as a waste of time, but each movie emphasizes some form of thought.  Though not always prominent, some form of political claim or reflection on humanity exists in most movies.  For example, the Avenger movies and The Shape of Water have more prominent political  messages than, say, Disney.  All include at least a scene wondering about humanity, how it exists, and in what fashion does humanity exist?

Many are moving books.  Some are actually based off books, while others just master the art of storytelling like a good novel.    Plot, world building, character development, and conflict exists.  When I am low on time and don’t want to risk losing myself in a book, movies make a quick fix.

My professors use movies to supplement their classes, just proving they are useful tools.  Almost every class I have taken had at least one movie to go along with it.  They generate discussion and relate to tough topics.  Or they just fit.  For example, in my Science Fiction and Fantasy class that I took in my freshman year of college, we watched the original Blade Runner, 2001:Space Odyssey, and Spirited Away.  They were great emphasises on what we were studying and allowed us to view more materials on the topic.

Don’t dismiss movies too quickly.  They create moving stories that allow people to connect to the world in different ways.  Take a break and enjoy a movie.

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